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04 July, 2006

Come and Get It

By Aaron
04 July, 2006

Killing time again yesterday I decided to hit the matinee for Superman Returns. In Korea, the theatres run standard TV commercials before the standard theatre commercials (read: previews) begin. Not having a television, this is my only chance to keep up on this particular form of cultural currency and, unlike most of you who have a television, I don't actually mind sitting through them for a few minutes and grading them on their relative degrees of style.

The verdict yesterday?

OCN, a local cable movie channel, has a good-looking bit in the style of a Chinese epic, full of horses and red flags amidst a desert landscape. Giordano, the Hong Kong clothing company, is running one of those choppy, grainy spots considered edgy five years ago, but it still looks good at least.

On the other end of the scale, the day's loser was far and way KTF - a local telecom company and, yes, they of the "Korea Team Fighting" Konglish. KTF had a couple pre-show spots running and while both were minor disasters, one at least provided this line:

"Dick! We Promise You Full!"

Now, before you ladies all start ringing KTF for a service visit, I should explain. 'Dick,' amongst other things, happens to be the name of the name of the Korean national soccer team's former coach, Dick Advocaat. I spotted the above slogan in the background of a scene showing a group of dejected Korean fans, watching their defeated team leave the field after a 2-0 loss to Switzerland in the first round of the World Cup. Those same fans, though, have been known to offer a variety of sexual services, so I suppose calling KTF wouldn't be a complete waste of time.

Superman Returns, by the way, was a 2.5 hour waste of time.