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24 October, 2009

The Enduring Loon Endures

By Aaron
24 October, 2009

I've written here before of Huh Kyung-Young, far and away the most, um, interesting politician in South Korea. As a recap, though, here is the opening sentence from a Joong-Ang Daily feature on him from early 2008: "Huh Kyung-young, who claims he has an IQ of 430, supernatural powers and is perfectly sane, ran in the presidential election last month, his third unsuccessful bid to get into the Blue House."

Always pushing those outer limits of that sanity, however, Huh has now embarked upon a career as a rap singer and dancer. If there wasn't video, I wouldn't have believed it either, so thank the good lord for Naver Video (skip to about 1:00 for singing and dancing). Don't worry that it's in Korean; the language of oddities such as this is universal.