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10 December, 2012

Deck the Halls with Macro Follies

By Aaron
10 December, 2012

Embedded Video: The EconStories team delivers another winner.

I have, shall we say, a conflicted relationship with Christmas. An avowed atheist, I find secular Christmas music unlistenable (how the hell does one "rock" around a Christmas tree?) but keep my favorite sacred holiday hymns in my iTunes playlist throughout the year. A fierce defender of free markets and of commercial exchange, I nevertheless sigh in exasperation when I walk into Target on the day after Halloween to find the Christmas bric-a-brac where only a day before the Chinese-made Scream masks had been stacked. And, even as a man who values the human mind's ability to rationally calculate costs and benefits, I accept and appreciate the seemingly irrational tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts

All of which probably just means that I'm overthinking the Yuletide.

Fortunately for overthinkers like me, John Papola and his EconStories crew (they of the marvelous Keynes vs. Hayek rap videos) have come through once again with a Christmas-themed overview of economic thought. Suffice it to say, this video portrays my idea of the perfect Christmas - that is, sitting around a roaring fire, getting drunk, and debating the Paradox of Thrift. In reality, I'll probably end up rocking around the Christmas tree. 

But at least I'll have "I view your savings with scorn" in my head while I do so. 

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