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22 December, 2012

I'll Be Home for Christmas: Felonious Pervert Edition

By Aaron
22 December, 2012

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Way back in 2004, in the halcyon days of this site's infancy, I made brief mention of one Sung Koo Kim, who had just been arrested after police found in his possession 3,000 pairs of panties stolen from young females in the Yamhill County region of Oregon. As I wrote in '04:

Apparently, Kim would follow young college students home to their apartments or dorm rooms and then, while they were out or sleeping, he would sneak in and steal their underwear and - get this - dryer lint. He also liked to videotape himself in the act of, um, gratifying himself while in the students' homes. Returing home from these outings, Kim would seal the lint and panties in ziploc bags and file them away with all the dutiful care of a national archivist.

Flash forward to this coming Monday (yes, Christmas Eve) and Mr. Kim, fresh off an eight-year stint in the clink, is scheduled for release. If you thought Kim's proclivities were odd when you first read about him, however, you'll love what McMinnville, Oregon's News-Register brings to light about him now:

He amassed 40,000 images of women being raped, murdered and dismembered, along with 3,000 pairs of stolen panties, all meticulously catalogued. He amassed an arsenal of seven assault rifles, two handguns, a set of body armor and a stockpile of ammunition. And he amassed hours in chat rooms with names like Strangling Whores, researching techniques to carry out slow, painful and lethal acts of strangulation.

In the words of George Takei, "oh, my." 

Releasing Kim on Christmas eve almost seems like an added measure of punishment on the part of the Oregon Correctional authorities. I mean, would you want to be the one answering the "So, whatcha been up to since I saw you last?" question that awaits Kim on Christmas afternoon? In the event, methinks an extra month or two in the pokey wouldn't sound so bad.

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